Wednesday, 23 April 2014

MAC Review and Haul

Hi guys! 

Ok so I've been gone a while, but while I've been gone I've had a totally revamp of my blog by the lovely Amy! (Check out her blog and amazing designs here!)
So while my blog has been changed and looks totally fresh now I took the chance to visit MAC, I mean why wouldn't I! I didn't really go for anything specific but I ended up with a lipstick and a gloss! I've been looking for a few nude/brown shade of lipstick for a while and I did find a few but I've found the holy grail of browns and I'm in LOVE! 

Matt lipstick-Velvet Teddy

I brought this lipstick not really knowing much about MAC lipsticks so I thought I would start out with something not too daring so decided to start with 'velvet teddy'. It's a Matt nude/brown shade which I've been looking at for a while and decided it was time to buy- and I'm so glad I did! I've been obsessed with this lipstick since the day I took it home! It's perfect for everyday use you can put it on with any makeup look and great for topping up throughout the day! It's a gorgeous texture on your lips, glides on and lasts for about an hour and a half even while I'm busy at work! 
If anyone's looking for a perfect nude lipstick then you have to try velvet teddy!

Lustregloss- Morning glory

Im not going to lie, I brought this lipstick just on impluse, not really thinking much about it, I saw the pink shade and thought it was super pretty so I brought it! I didn't really like much of it but when I put it on I fell in love! It's a lovely subtle shade that gives a lasting impression and I got compliments on it throughout the day! If your looking for something pretty for a spring glam then this is it! :)

I'm always looking for new lip products to try so leave a comment and let me know what your favourite is and what you recommend so I can try! Hope you all liked this post! 

Cree x

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