Monday, 28 April 2014

Recipe- Chocolate covered pomegranate cubes

Hiya everyone! I hope your all having a good week!

Since January I've shaken up my diet and excerise programme and I'm loving the results and transformation! (A post about all this will be up soon!) 

So since I've started eating more sensibly I've absolutely loved playing about with foods and recipes and mixing things up abit and I came up with a simple snack of you've got a bit of a sweet tooth like me! 

Hope you enjoy!


ingredients include:

- 85% cocoa chocolate 
- pomegranate seeds
- 2 bowls, one smaller than the other
- ice cube tray

How to make:

- take your 85% chocolate, (the higher percentage of cocoa the healthier it is for you) break into small pieces and place in smaller bowl.

- fill up the larger bowl with boiling water and place the chocolate bowl onto of the water, letting the chocolate melt slowly.

- while the chocolate is melting, place a few pomegranate seeds into the ice cube trays and fill up depending on how sweet you want them.

- when the chocolate has melted, pour into the ice cube trays until the pomegranate seeds are covered and place into the fridge until it sets! 

Hope you all enjoy! If you ever try it let me know what you think of it and your adaptations!

Cree x

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