Thursday, 29 August 2013

Body gossip needs you!

Hi guys I hope your all having a great week!

Now I know I'm not the only person that suffers from body confidence issues and that nobody is 100% happy with their body so we all do whatever we can to try and feel great, whether its exercise, eat healthy or dietary supplements but in the meantime you have to feel comfortable in your own skin in order to be happy, so I've recently been in contact with body gossip, a brand that have started their own theatre company with 5 different actors putting on a show including interviews and real life body stories from different people and are then hoping to take it across the UK over the next year!

They are a voluntary company that are raising money to try and get their company and theatre show up and running and they are selling the coolest t-shirts ever! They are super vibrant and have different inspirational quotes and messages to get you going and making you feel good about yourself! 

You can check out the website that offers different t-shirts and even babygrows! They come in different colours, sizes and fonts and I really can't wait to buy mine! 

T-shirts at £20 

Babygrows at £12.50

Not only have the public supported this great brand but celebrities have also joined and backed the project with these great pictures and promotions and check out a video of a few of the celebs that have gotten involved! 

    Suranne Jones and Zaraah Abrahams

I cant wait to order mine! You can find more cool designs at: 

I hope you all order t-shirts and come and support this great project! 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Family days out!

Family days for me are great: surrounded by people you love, food and good laughs!
Today the family decided to go to the West Midlands safari park which was great for me because I love animals and I haven't been there in years so I was so excited! 

            We were a little excited!

We couldn't contain out excitement, we had heard the white lions and tigers were amazing so we had decided to go around the park once, have a look at the fair and lunch then back around the park before heading off home. I didn't realise what a long day it was going to be as the first trip around the park took 2 hours! But I absolutely loved it, I've got a little obsession with giraffes so I was so so so excited to see then and as I got closer I got more and more excited! 

Here are a few animals I saw today!

                  African wild dogs

           White lions




Overall I had a great day and would definitely go again especially as when you buy your tickets you get a free return pass! Brilliant!

The best part of the day was my little gift to myself! 

My own baby giraffe! :) 

Friday, 23 August 2013

Just a quick message

This has absolutely nothing to do with makeup or fashion and beauty but I just felt like I needed to post this!

I'm a massive fan of Kim Kardashian and while some people can't stand her I'm one of those people that loves her and she's definitely one of my biggest inspirations! 

So obviously everybody knows that she's recently given birth to her first child called North with Kayne West (who I also love!), and I've been waiting sooooo long for a picture of little baby North and we've finally got one today! 
Some of you might think I'm crazy (ngl I actually am) but I got so excited about this picture! 

        Just look at how cute she is!!

I can't decide who she looks more like but you can definitely see Kanye in her! She's absolutely beautiful and I'm so happy we've finally got to see her! :) 

No hate please! :) 

My 6 Go To Pieces In My Kit

I hope your all having a great week and thank god its the weekend! :)
I do posts on my makeup and my kit but ive never spoke about the other items i keep in my makeup bag or kit that i use on my clients, so i thought id just talk about them. Theres quite a few bits and pieces that i put in my kit all for different reasons and purposes but ive just chosen my top 6 because i thought it would be boring if i posted a long list!
        hope you all enjoy! :)

1) Latex- Free Sponges- I use these sponges on a daily basis. I use then for everything up to powdering to blending in foundation,. I tend to use them for powdering under the eyes if i find someone has dry skin it helps control the powder a little better! I also love them because they are disposable but I always manage to find them in the bottom of my hangbag at some point! They're great in my kit and ive always got them in there because i always know theyll be of some use!

2) Water Bottle- When i first started out in makeup i heard everywheere that you had to take a water bottle of some kind out with you when you do jobs and i didnt really know what for but now i couldnt live without it! The bottle is an old MAC fix+ bottle which is really handy because its clean, small and totally re-useable! I use it for pigments, cleaning brushes, on cotton buds etc. 

3) Small Scissors- Scissors are my everything! Im always using them in my kit and even in my own makeup bag! I use them for opening packages like lash boxes and palettes and theyre most useful for chopping down false eyelashes! Love them, they are super cheap and definitely needed in my makeup box!

4) Eyelash Curlers- Eyelash curlers are pretty self explanatory, I use them for both myself (i have very short lashes) and on clients. Great for lengthening lases and blending in false lashes with your natural ones! 

5) Shine Absorbing Sheets- These for me are one of the most valuable items in my makeup bag and kit because they really do work and theyre great for everyday use aswell as on the night when out for drinks! Just blot on your skin where you feel you need to control your shine and your all set!

6) Cotton Buds- Cotton buds are definitely a must have for me in every situation involving my makeup! I use then for fall out underneath my eyes for shadow, mascara on my lid so theyre great for most things and im definitely stocking up on cotton buds all the time! 

I hope you all liked this post and feel free to comment and follow me :)

Monday, 19 August 2013

A few of my favourite things..

Hi guys, sorry I've been slacking on the blog posts lately I've been super busy as I'm just on the verge of moving house!

Anyway I thought I'd do a quick post on a few of my favourite things that I love apart from fashion and makeup!
I spend most of my time reading magazines, blogging, shopping or doing makeup but often I do like to have a few other things around me that relax me and make me feel more comfortable! 

Hope you all enjoy! 

1) My first item I love is my green tea! I seriously couldn't live without this stuff! It has great health benefits and makes me feel great! Some people think its really expensive but you can buy it cheap from any major supermarket and its so good for you! 

It gets rid of the toxins and chemicals in your body and its great if your on a detox or feeling a bit sluggish! 
I tend to have about 2/3 cups a day and recently started having it cold which has been a great alternative when it's been a bit warmer! 
It's probably an acquired taste and I didn't really like it when I first tried it but you do get used to it and now I can't live without! ☕

2) my brush belt! I have quite a few brushes and I was getting to be a sort of hoarder but then I brought my brush belt from amazon and fell in love! It holds everything including my tweezers and cotton buds! 
I do take it everywhere with me whether it being on a job or when I'm sleeping over at my friends and when I take brushes out to put in my bag during the day they are super easy to find!

3) my tattoo- this is probably my favourite item on my post! It's my only tattoo on my wrist that says 'Paradise' it has a very personal meaning to me. A close friend passed away last August and the main song at her funeral was Coldplay- paradise (available on iTunes) so I thought it would be a nice tattoo. 

I don't expect everyone else to like it but i personally wouldn't change it for the world and can't wait to get more soon! 

4) my cat- I couldn't do a post like this an not include my cat! I love her and anyone else that owns a cat will know what I'm on about when I say cats are really special! We've had her for about 13 years and I love her with all my heart (soppy right?!) 

5) my hot water bottle- ok this may seem a little odd but it's gotten me through some painful nights! Winter nights aren't the same without my hot water bottle! 

Without fail almost every night, I boil the kettle and get it ready before I go to bed. I've recently suffered with a bad neck and this has been a lifesaver! Thank you hot water bottle!! 

6) my perfume- I go thought phases of different perfumes and I've had many different ones over the past few years but I'm loving Versace at the moment! My mom brought me a set of 5 for my birthday in may and I use it everyday! It's my go to perfume, I keep one in very bag so I always end up changing depending on what I'm wearing and my mood!

I could write this post all day so I thought I'd quit while I'm ahead! I hope you all enjoyed this post as its a little different from my normal posts! I'd love to hear what your favourite things are in the comments below! :) xoxo

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Review: Avon ideal flawless foundation

Hi everyone, I hope your all having a good day!
I thought I do a review on a foundation because Ive seen so many of them and I always read them before I go out and buy foundations anyway, so I thought id do one on a product that you cant really test as you have to order it through a catalogue.
Avon ideal flawless foundation.
Im going to be honest and say that the only reason I brought this foundation was because it was on sale from £12 to £3 and I couldn't really say no to such a massive bargain! so I judged my shade by what was on the page of samples and I still wasn't really sure on my shade until the day it got delivered! When I opened the box I thought it was going to be a great match and if it wasn't then I would put it in my kit and it would become another foundation for me to use on clients! But as I tried it out I loved it!
My shade is soft honey, but they come in about 10 different shades so im sure youll find your right shade. what I first loved about this was the packaging. Its in a tall glass bottle with a black lid, I thought the lid was quite big for the bottle but I liked it anyway. I has an easy pump dispenser which I definitely prefer as it doesn't pump out too much product cause I do have trouble with a few foundations that do that.

This is more of a cream based foundation so if you have normal or dry skin its great! I have combination skin and it works really well but what I do find is that you have to powder over it to stop it from shining or looking too oily. I've found that it works best on a buffing brush for a skin like finish or a stippling brush for a well blended tone! Its a medium to full coverage which its great for me and a little touch of concealer and my skin is finished!
This shade is actually a little darker for me, but with a yellow undertone which matches my skin but as my skin has gotten more tanned so with the SPF 15 it has worked like a dream! Overall, I love this product, its very blendable and looks great with a full face makeup!


Monday, 12 August 2013

eBay sale!

Hi guys this is just a really quick post to say that I'm an Avid e-Bayer! Whether its selling or buying I absolutely love it, they setting up of the pictures and listings to finally wrapping it all and send it off! My favourite part is the feedback! I love hearing that somebody is happy with my products and I love reporting back to other people from what I've brought off them too! It's one of my favourite things to do!

I mostly sell clothes and shoes that have hardly ever been worn but this time I'm selling a fitness DVD. If you've ever heard of the insanity workout then you'll know how hard work it is! It's an intense fitness regime of a 60 day programme that is designed to help you reach your goal weight and dream body! I tried it and loved it! It's so hard to do but the people involved are really motivated and its great to work out everyday! 

If you check out my eBay page it's on auction at the minute for only 7 days so if you want a bikini body in 60 days then go check it out! It really is a great way to kick start the body you've always wanted!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Barry M gelly hi-shine review

Hiya everyone! 

I'm a massive fan of all things nail related! So as I was out at Superdrug the other day buying my weekly dose of polishes I came across more of the Barry M nail polishes! I absolutely love them so when I saw that the Gelly Hi-shine polishes were back in stock I had to buy them! 

The range they have in stock is amazing, full of so many different colours I couldn't decide which ones I wanted! So I went for a more natural/tan and the every obvious baby pink shade! I can pretty much say I'm in love with both of them!

I thought I'd try out the shade 'Lychee' (on the left).

When I first put the 1st colour on I really liked it but I do like a solid colour so I always end up putting 2 colours on. 
It dries like any other nail polish but something about the gelly hi-shine it gives off a shiny and jelly like finish (hence the name). 

I was also quite shocked with how long it lasted on the nails! I tend to change my nail colour every week depending on my mood and by the end of the week the colour has all chipped off and it looks awful but whenever I use the gelly hi-shine it always stays in really good shape, I'm really impressed! 

I'd definitely recommend this nail polish and it's not very expensive at £2.99 but more often than not they have some great deals such as spending £6.00 or more to get a free polish, which I have
done many times before! 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Another nomination!

Hiya everyone!

I woke up this morning to find I've been nominated for another Liebster award! I'm so happy that people are actually reading my blog and liking my posts! I'm always a bit worried and conscious that people aren't liking my blog and that I'm just writing to myself which I suppose is every bloggers worry when you first get started! 

My nomination came from the lovey Amie over at If you haven't already then check out her blog, it's really great to read if you love anything fashion related! You can also follow her on twitter at @Fashion_IOR.

As I've already been nominated for this award before and have already nominated 11 other bloggers, I'm just going to answer the questions as best as I can so you can get to know me a little better as a blogger! :)

Questions asked by fashion is our religion 

1. Who is your favourite designer? 
Wow that's a hard question, as a fashion student I have far too many but I'd say just for their designs and just for being amazing creativity I'd have to say either Alexander McQueen or Oscar de la Renta.

2. If you could go back to a certain time period, what would you choose and why?
For me it would probably be the 1960's. I love the fact that everything changed and you could be who you wanted to be in terms of fashion, jobs and music! It looked like a lot of fun!

3. What career goals do you have?
That's a hard question, I'm studying fashion buying and retailing at university but I would like to have my own fashion range and makeup line across the UK at some point.

4. What is your favourite wardrobe staple?
I don't think you can go wrong with a simple black blazer. You can wear it over most things in the day for a casual look and even over a dress when your goon out with friends on the night! Perfect.

5. Heels or flats?
As much as I love and stare at Louboutins all day everyday, I'd have to say flats just for the sheer practicality of them but I do love a good heel! 

6. Do you prefer fast fashion or saving up for an investment piece?
I'd love to say that I'd save up for a piece but I know that it's not true! I'm very quick with money and I can buy anything I want on impulse just to never wear it, I'm terrible for shopping! 

7. What is your favourite all time catwalk show?
This for me is a very hard question! I've watches and studied so many shows but it could well maybe Alexander McQueen A/W10 where Sarah burton took over as creative director. Nobody really knew what to expect from her but she totally raised the bar and the collection was everything and more critics thought it would be! Amazing!

8. What would you say your personal style is?
I wouldn't say I'd have a personal style, for me it all depends on what mood I'm in for that day, I could wake up and feel like wearing a dress and flats or I could be in a denim shorts and a beanie mood! 

9. What are your favourite topics to blog about?
At the minute my favourite topic to blog about would be makeup. I have a bit of an obsession at the moment with makeup so I tend to blog about what I like and how I use certain products but I would like to start blogging about fashion. 

10. What are your fashion pet peeves?
My fashion pet peeves tend to be the way people dress on holiday. I think that the world shuts out any fashion rules and anything seems to go. My worst would have to be the dreaded socks and samples or simply crocs! For me they are the worst!

11. What would you like your blog to achieve in the next 12 months?
I would love to continue to blog this time next year with a wider audience, attend a few blogger events and get to interact with more bloggers and get to talk to people with the same interests as me! :)

I hope you all liked this post, sorry that I'm not nominating any bloggers this time, but if you would like to see who I nominated last time for the Liebster award then you can check my other post on my home page! :) 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Furry nails!

Hello guys and gals!

Sorry I've been a little delayed on posts recently I've been a bit busy trying to sort out a future project I'm planning in the next few months! Ill be sharing with you what I'm planning very soon! :) 

I thought I'd just try and get up to date with a quick nail post! 
So may not know but I'm a very big nail polish fan! Last time I counted I had we'll over 60 different polishes! I love all the copies and brands and to experience with different nail arts! So I was so excited when a few months ago MUA Academy launched a new product called fur-effect nails! 
I immediately when out and brought them and I'm actually surprised at myself that I haven't done this post sooner! 

Left to right: fluffy bobbin, fuzzy fluff

I brought two pots in different colours so I could try different things with them! I thought they were so cute when I first brought them and I knew I'd have fun trying them out! They are both super furry which I didn't think they would be and it's actual fur! 

I thought I'd try the pink one out first and I loved the result! I used a technic nail polish in loganberry, which is the perfect colour!

I applied one coat on my nails and then a second one, after a few seconds, I simply rolled my nail into the tray so the fur could attach itself to the wet polish! 
It didn't take too long to dry which I was happy about and didn't slide either! 

       Finished result!

This photo doesn't do it justice! It stocks on great but you do have to tap off the excess to get it to how you want it! 

I thought that after a few days that it was flake off slowly but it last me about 4/5 days! I couldn't believe it! I was a hit worried and thought that it would come off so easily with day to day jobs like cleaning and washing up but it stayed on really well! 

Definitely a 5 star!! 
Love this product so much I've gone out and got the other colours! :)

You can also follow me on twitter and all blogger social networks on my home page :) 

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