Tuesday, 16 July 2013

One blush slays all..

Morning lovelies!
Ok so I've pretty much tried every blush out there and I've found a lot of problems with most of them, either they aren't pigmented enough and use too much product, they can be chalky which is horrible or the shades aren't really good enough or suit my skin tone. I'm mixed race and it can sometimes be tricky to find one that isn't too light and makes me look like a clown. I've tried so many different brands this past few months and there's only one I really like and suits me better than most. The MUA Academy Blusher!
When I first came across this blusher, the first thing that drew me into it was the price. At only £1 it was something I was definitely going to buy even if I didn't like the product there was no doubt in my mind that I wasn't going to try it! Then I saw the range of colour and I instantly saw a colour I liked and knew it was going to suit me! After sampling the product, I knew I liked the colour and brought it in a second!
After about a week of using it, I absolutely loved it! The Pigmentation was great and really bright and the packaging is small enough to fit into my bag without a problem! As I started using the MUA blusher, I realised it was so much better than any other I was using at the time. I've always been into blusher and I've tried quite a few brands but this is definitely one f my favourites and ill definitely be using it again!
I've got a few other blushers that I have compared it to below: (left to right)
Avon ideal luminous in soft plum, Gold by Giles in Angel and Natural collection in pink cloud.
While I all of these blushes have their pros, I find that the MUA blush definitely has better qualities and is something I would recommend for everyone to try for summer! Since buying this product, I have used it everyday and is great for my skin tone. Me being mixed race, it can be hard to find the right shade of blush but for me it has it all!
As I was swatching on my arm, I noticed that the natural collection blush was less pigmented as was the gold by Giles but could work for people with paler skin tones.
For me MUA Academy blush ticks all the boxes and is my life long blush from now on!
Thumbs up from me!

  • Avon ideal luminous soft plum -£3.99
  • Gold by Giles Blusher, Angel- £2.99
  • MUA Academy, shade 4- £1
  • Natural collection blushed cheeks, pink cloud- £1




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