Saturday, 27 July 2013

Karla Powell!


               Afternoon everyone! 

I've been thinking about doing this post for a while now but always put it off, but as I was creating face charts this morning I thought I'd post something about them! 

I absolutely love creating face charts, it gives me a chance to be creative with makeup and sample ideas for photoshoots I may be doing! 
When I first started with face charts I was using the MAC ones cause they are the standard ones a lot of makeup artists use but then I came across Karla Powell's face charts and I had to buy them! 

I'm a massive fan of Karla's work and she's taking the makeup world by storm at the minute with her amazing fashion work and recent work at IMATS which I was lucky enough to see for myself! She is well and truly amazing and if you don't know her name, you should definitely look up her work! 

   Just a few of the images I took of Karla's     pop art work at IMATS London this year.

The face charts come in an A4 black zip up case which can be put into your bag and is great for storing all your other images in and has a zip all around the case so it can open easily.


Inside the case, there is 25 plastic wallets inside to hold your work, including 25 sheets of face charts to practice on! I love the quality of paper that has been used as it holds the makeup really well and super easy to apply the makeup to! 
It also has compartments on the inside to hold bits and pieces in such as business cards, pieces of paper, pens and brushes! It also has a pocket on the back cover to hold any other pieces you wish! I love this as I'm always stuffing things in so I don't lose it! 

           Back pocket of the case.

The face charts themselves are a simple but stylish design that I love! They are super versatile and can do pretty much anything with them!

If you want to check out Karla's work then you can check out her website and all of her social media sites below: 

Official website/ tumblr:

Twitter: @karlapowellmua

Instagram: @karlapowellmua

Facebook: Karla Powell Makeup-Artist

If you want me to do a post on my visit to IMATS and what I though, leave a comment or let me know on twitter :) xoxo

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