Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My thoughts on LipVoltage

Hey everyone!

So I've heard a lot about lipvoltage over the past few weeks and a girl on my Instagram posted a picture of her lips after using lipvoltage and I needed to know more about it! 
I went straight on DreamWeave's website and it was sold out so I was on a mission to find it! I started looking at it online and I only found a few posts and 1 video of it so I kept looking and after about a week I finally found it online and brought the LipVoltage and 2 Mascaras (posts to follow on them). 

When it came I was so excited and I needed to try it right there and then! I'd heard some amazing reviews and seen so many people rave about it I knew that if I didn't try it I knew I'd miss out! 

The packaging comes in 2 separate boxes, the taller one on the left is the clear gloss that you apply to your lips and the smaller box on the right is the actual plumper or 'voltage'. You put either 1,2 or 3 drops of the plumper into the clear gloss depending on how big or drastic you want results. To start with I only put 1 drop in to feel what it was like and to see how it worked, I wasn't expected to see that much of a change with only one drop but I really did and was actually surprised! 


When I applied the gloss I felt a tingling straight away and knew it wasn't going to be a nice feeling. Now I've heard a few people say the pain is unbearable and it feels 'like their lips are burning off' bit my personal view is that it is totally bareable and I found it to be quite an addictive pain (call me weird) but I enjoyed it! The tingling lasts for about 15/20 mins and slowly fades out leaving your lips plumed and looking great! It does leave your lips a little red but it does go down after a while! I was so shocked at the results that I've added another drop to the gloss (taking the amount to 2 drops) so I'll see how it goes! 

All in all, I absolutely love this product! It leaves you looking and feeling great, it's great for everyday use or just for a night out and for that little extra plump! ;) 
Check out @Lipvoltage on twitter to find out the stockists near you! 

Hope you all enjoy and if any of your try it let me know how you find it! :) 

Cree x

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