Sunday, 25 August 2013

Family days out!

Family days for me are great: surrounded by people you love, food and good laughs!
Today the family decided to go to the West Midlands safari park which was great for me because I love animals and I haven't been there in years so I was so excited! 

            We were a little excited!

We couldn't contain out excitement, we had heard the white lions and tigers were amazing so we had decided to go around the park once, have a look at the fair and lunch then back around the park before heading off home. I didn't realise what a long day it was going to be as the first trip around the park took 2 hours! But I absolutely loved it, I've got a little obsession with giraffes so I was so so so excited to see then and as I got closer I got more and more excited! 

Here are a few animals I saw today!

                  African wild dogs

           White lions




Overall I had a great day and would definitely go again especially as when you buy your tickets you get a free return pass! Brilliant!

The best part of the day was my little gift to myself! 

My own baby giraffe! :) 


  1. stunning blog!

    would you like to follow each other?

  2. I love safari parks.. I really want to go to Longleat! which I think is a Zoo? oh well haha xx

    1. Me too they're so much fun! I really want to go to longleat too, it looks so good on tv, but I'm not too sure where it is! Lol xx