Friday, 23 August 2013

My 6 Go To Pieces In My Kit

I hope your all having a great week and thank god its the weekend! :)
I do posts on my makeup and my kit but ive never spoke about the other items i keep in my makeup bag or kit that i use on my clients, so i thought id just talk about them. Theres quite a few bits and pieces that i put in my kit all for different reasons and purposes but ive just chosen my top 6 because i thought it would be boring if i posted a long list!
        hope you all enjoy! :)

1) Latex- Free Sponges- I use these sponges on a daily basis. I use then for everything up to powdering to blending in foundation,. I tend to use them for powdering under the eyes if i find someone has dry skin it helps control the powder a little better! I also love them because they are disposable but I always manage to find them in the bottom of my hangbag at some point! They're great in my kit and ive always got them in there because i always know theyll be of some use!

2) Water Bottle- When i first started out in makeup i heard everywheere that you had to take a water bottle of some kind out with you when you do jobs and i didnt really know what for but now i couldnt live without it! The bottle is an old MAC fix+ bottle which is really handy because its clean, small and totally re-useable! I use it for pigments, cleaning brushes, on cotton buds etc. 

3) Small Scissors- Scissors are my everything! Im always using them in my kit and even in my own makeup bag! I use them for opening packages like lash boxes and palettes and theyre most useful for chopping down false eyelashes! Love them, they are super cheap and definitely needed in my makeup box!

4) Eyelash Curlers- Eyelash curlers are pretty self explanatory, I use them for both myself (i have very short lashes) and on clients. Great for lengthening lases and blending in false lashes with your natural ones! 

5) Shine Absorbing Sheets- These for me are one of the most valuable items in my makeup bag and kit because they really do work and theyre great for everyday use aswell as on the night when out for drinks! Just blot on your skin where you feel you need to control your shine and your all set!

6) Cotton Buds- Cotton buds are definitely a must have for me in every situation involving my makeup! I use then for fall out underneath my eyes for shadow, mascara on my lid so theyre great for most things and im definitely stocking up on cotton buds all the time! 

I hope you all liked this post and feel free to comment and follow me :)