Thursday, 29 August 2013

Body gossip needs you!

Hi guys I hope your all having a great week!

Now I know I'm not the only person that suffers from body confidence issues and that nobody is 100% happy with their body so we all do whatever we can to try and feel great, whether its exercise, eat healthy or dietary supplements but in the meantime you have to feel comfortable in your own skin in order to be happy, so I've recently been in contact with body gossip, a brand that have started their own theatre company with 5 different actors putting on a show including interviews and real life body stories from different people and are then hoping to take it across the UK over the next year!

They are a voluntary company that are raising money to try and get their company and theatre show up and running and they are selling the coolest t-shirts ever! They are super vibrant and have different inspirational quotes and messages to get you going and making you feel good about yourself! 

You can check out the website that offers different t-shirts and even babygrows! They come in different colours, sizes and fonts and I really can't wait to buy mine! 

T-shirts at £20 

Babygrows at £12.50

Not only have the public supported this great brand but celebrities have also joined and backed the project with these great pictures and promotions and check out a video of a few of the celebs that have gotten involved! 

    Suranne Jones and Zaraah Abrahams

I cant wait to order mine! You can find more cool designs at: 

I hope you all order t-shirts and come and support this great project! 


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    1. It really is and I love that it has inspirational messages on t-shirts! It's a really great project! xx