Friday, 10 January 2014

Living in London..

So the past few months have been so busy and eventful I'm going to try and explain everything so it might take a while! I've always wanted to live in London because for me, London is the most exciting and best cities in the world. After deciding to study fashion at university in London I was all ready and excited to move into the city with 2 friends. With me being an optimist I didn't really think about anything going wrong, but because I was so caught up in moving out of my family home and being independent it totally washed over me that things we're going to go wrong. 
When moving all of mine and my friends stuff into the flat we rented for 6 months we walked in to find out that we actually had to move out all the previous tenants things: furniture, clothes, everything! Safe to say it wasn't a great start and we actually didn't unpack our stuff until the 3rd day of us living there but not before something else went wrong. 
After finding out the flat was a lot less than presentable we had to move back to Birmingham (my home town) for the landlord to clear everything out and get it all right again! So after a lot of hassle and commotion with the landlord, lets just say he isn't the nicest of people and if anyone had ever rented you may know that they aren't really there to be nice to you! 
Just as me and my friends think that it's all over, we go back to the flat, finally get settled after 3 weeks, my life in London wasn't actually going to be that easy. Being students in London isn't that easy, with no money we wouldn't have the internet installed which obviously meant I couldn't blog! :( 

I started university and all wasn't that great. The course wasn't really what I thought it was going to be and wasn't really enjoying the education while I wasn't even getting my student loan. Safe to say I wasn't really enjoying London, don't get me wrong I absolutely love London and I will eventually move back, maybe later this year or next year, who knows, but I know that London is the place for me to live but education just isn't for me so I'm back in Birmingham for the meanwhile until I can save enough money and it's the right time for me to move back down to London! 

While I did have a pretty rough time in London I did get out and enjoy the sights and lived the London lifestyle! :)




So I'm back to blogging about makeup, beauty, fashion and my life so I'll keep you posted when I'll be posting again! Hope you all enjoy this post and I'm sorry about my lack in spots but hopefully this explains everything! :) x

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