Monday, 22 July 2013

My Top 5 Chick Flicks

Evening girls!

So everyone loves a good chick flick right? On a saturday night with your girlfriends around with food! You cant beat it! Ive picked my top 5 chick flicks for those late summer nights when all you want to do is chill out!

So ive sorted through my biiiiiiig pile of dvds and im still undecided but i thought id share with you some of my favouurite chick flicks! Theyve got everything: Laughter, tears and full of emotion!
               1) The devil wears Prada
2) In her shoes
                                 3) FRIENDS, the complete collection
 4) Sex and the city
   5) P.S I Love You

As a lover of fashion i absolutely adore this film! If you havent seen it then i wont spoilt it for you and write the plot but if you love fashion and bitchiness then this is defintely a good film! It has love ad heartbreak along with how people can change due to the industry their in!
(****) 4 stars!

If any of you girls have got a sister whether its younger or older then this is definitely a film you can relate to! Its got sister rivalry, jealousy, fashion, laughs and romance! Its a must see!
(****) 4 stars

This one needs no introduction! Ok so i know it isnt a film but i couldnt do a favourite film/tv post and not include friends! Its one of my all time favourite shows and im one of those people that cant go a day without watching an epidose whether its on tv or in my dvd player! I love it so much that its been in my dvd player for the past month on repeat!
(*****) 5 stars

When i first saw that sex and the city was going to be made into a film i knew id have to watch it! Id never really saw any of the series when it was shown on tv but i knew that if i wanted a proper chick flick then this was it! Its one of the best films ive seen and when i say its got everything i really mean it! Laughter, sex, friendship, love, heartbreak and fashion x10000! If your looking for a feel good film then watch sex and the city!
(*****) 5 stars

do you like hot irish guys? Yeah, me too! This film is literally the one to watch while your in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and your favourite teddy! It makes you laugh, cry and say 'awww' a million times over! Its the cutest film ever and definitely makes you want to find Mr Right and get married!
(****) 4 stars

Hope you all enjoy and feel free to comment! have a great week everyone! check  out my blog tomorrow for more posts! :)


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