Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Summer makeup

Good Morning! :)
I definitely woke up in a happy and get going mood today! One of my favourite times of the year is summer so I thought I'd post my summer makeup with all the products I use and how I apply them!

Unless I'm in my house or not planning anything on that day, I'm one of those girls that cant really not wear makeup, I feel bare and too pale without it and feel like I've got to put it on. Even in the summer!
I try to use as little products as possible cause there's nothing worse than spending time putting makeup on just for it to slide off! So below is a list of what I use typically during the summer and how I apply it. Ill also list the brushes I use when I'm applying my makeup and what brush I use for each product. Some people may think there is too many products here but this is my personal choice of makeup, some people might like more and some people may like less, its your own personal preference! :)

Ok so I normally start off with my concealer, I don't like overlaying it in top of my foundation as I feel its too heavy on my skin but its your own personal taste with your own makeup routine. For my summer concealer, I use MAC select cover up in shade NW30, this concealer for me is very sheer but can be buildable to the coverage you would like! I start with this concealer under my eyes in a triangle shape and blend it out. For applying my concealer, I use a Real Techniques pointed foundation brush as it fits right under the eye and can easily be blended.



After applying my concealer, I set it with a loose powder, for me if I set it first then it also gives a lighter shade under my eyes which lifts my eyes, I like to highlight and contour my face when doing my makeup, but for the summer I usually stick to completing a flawless face with black liner. When using loose powder it allows me to select right where I need it to go and it doesn't move all day which for me is a big plus! The powder I use is Collection loose powder in shade 2 Translucent, it stays put all day and gives a lighter appearance to under my eyes.



When I've finished applying my concealer and powder, I then apply my foundation. When choosing my foundation for the summer, I always buy a shade darker than my skin tone as I tend to tan in the summer and always want my foundation to match. Sometimes if I cant find my own shade for summer, I mix two foundations together but the shade I brought for summer matches perfectly!
The foundation I'm using for summer is L'Oreal Lumi Magique light infusing foundation in the shade D/W5 Gold sand. It's a really lightweight foundation and glides onto your skin like a dream, its minimal coverage and not really buildable but you can work with it easily! Its a water based foundation so its great for dry skin and I've got combination skin so its works just fine for me. Whenever I apply this product, I don't use too much product as I don't need it, it fits great onto the skin and doesn't feel like I've got anything on!


 I the move onto my eye makeup, I don't tend to wear a lot of eye makeup but I stick to the same almost every day! I use a gel liner in both my top and bottom water line as ive got quite small eyes and I'll do anything to make them bigger and this definitely works! I use Collection Gel liner in the pot and its one of the best gel liners ive use! I brought it in January and ive still got more than half a pot left and I use it everyday! I use a long pencil brush to apply as I get a lot more control over a pencil brush then an angled brush.
I then use the product that's left over on my brush and push it along my top lash line to enhance my eye size! it definitely works (a little tip right there!) :P

For mascara, Im using Benefit's they're real mascara, I have to say its one of my all time favourite mascara's ever! I only ever have to use one coat of this product and it makes my lashes 100x bigger! my eye lashes are quite small anyway so this mascara is perfect!

Eye Liner- £4.99



Then then use a blush, I don't normally use too much blush but just enough to make it look natural and MUA Academy blush does the job! One of my favourite blushes! If you want more detail on this blush then see my last post and review on how much I love it!

To finish off my make up I use a highlighter! I don't use this everyday but I do like to use it just to highlight my face on a nice and sunny day, it makes me feel that little bit better! This MUA Academy shimmer highlighter is so pigmented I absolutely love it! Its only available in one shade, it suits all skin types including mine! I tend to use it on top of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, under the arch of my brow and just on top of my cupids bow (upper lip). Id definitely recommend this product!



To pull all my makeup together, I use MAC Fix+. I love this product especially during summer! It hydrates your skin and pulls all of your makeup together! It really makes you feel awake and fresh and its really great for summer! It sticks to your face so it doesn't take your makeup off during the day and really does last hours longer! Its a clear spray bottle and actually smells pretty good! Definitely one of my go to products for summer!

A list of brushes I used: From left to right
  • Max Factor Blush brush (used for blush)
  • Real Techniques Buffing brush (used for foundation)
  • Real Techniques Contour brush (used for highlighting)
  • Real Techniques pointed foundation brush (used for concealer)
  • Pencil brush (used for eye liner)
  • MUA Academy F4 brush (Used for loose powder)

 Please note: Sorry the pictures maybe a bit small, the tool button wouldn't work, ill keep trying to update during the day! :)



  1. You look fab! I so love MAC Fix + it's amazing in this heat :D xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Aww thank you lovely! Oh me too it's a god send! And you can do so much with it! :) x