Monday, 15 July 2013

What's in my bag?

Morning lovely people!

I'm so excited that my blog is now live! I cant wait to get started on all my posts and keep you all up to date with my latest beauty purchases and fashion choices! I've been scanning a few blogs for inspiration on my blogs and found so many interesting posts so I thought I'd start with one of my favourite posts I've seen called 'What's in my bag?' so I've decided that its going to be my first post!

My handbag has to be one of my favourite go-to pieces and completes any outfit, so I'm constantly looking out for new bags to buy! A girls handbag has to be every piece of fashion that holds everything and mine is no different! This morning when I was looking through my bag I found absolutely everything from hair grips to old chewing gum wrappers!
After throwing out the month old receipts and last years Nandos loyalty cards, I actually found a few things I thought I'd lost!

Id say I've got over 20 handbags and this has to be my go to handbag at the minute for whatever in doing! its big enough to hold my water, purse, keys an everything else I seem to throw in!
This shoulder bag is from Select one of my favourite shops for the summer! it was very affordable at only £10 its perfect for holding everything in! It's very comfortable with a faux leather brown and gold detailing padlock and gold rings to hold the handles. The lining is the same shade of brown with a thicker material, with 2 small pockets, its perfect for holding my phone (Iphone) and loose change.
The other side of the bag has a larger pocket with a zip where I keep my aray of lipsticks and glosses!
(see below)



After snapping away with my phone (I like taking pictures!) I remembered that I had a pile of products behind me that needed taking care of, so guess what? They're all listed below!
Ill also post a list below of all the products in my bag, prices and brands so check it out at the end of the blog! :)

An overview of everything in my bag,
random right?!
my daily use of
handcreams and body spray

My lipglosses and my
Vaseline, perfect for the summer!

Purse, keys and my baby! (headphones!)

one of my favourite products!
MAC mineralize skin

  • Brown shoulder bag- Select £10
  • Impulse body spray (temptation, vanilla and peach)- 89p
  • Avon care fresh hydration hand cream- £3.99
  • REN Moroccan rose otto body cream- £26.00 per 200ml
  • collection 2000, lock 'n' hold lipgloss (body pop1)- £3
  • Avon plump pout lipgloss (plumping pearl) £1
  • Natural collection lipgloss (clear)- £1
  • MAC Mineralize skin finish (Medium/Dark) - £14
  • Elf professional total face brush- £5

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