Monday, 15 July 2013

Where to find me

So as I've started to blog, I started thinking about how and where I can share my posts and talk to more bloggers, then it came to me- the biggest and most talked about activity ever. Social media!
I want to be able to talk and interact with more people and share my interests with people I have lots in common with, so I've set up a twitter account for my blog page! I'll be pretty most on there all the time as i'm attached to my phone constantly! I'll always reply and follow everyone back and it gives me a chance to talk to more people!

Ive also started joining blogger networks like Next Blogger network, bloglovin and she said beauty as a way of networking with other blogger to share my love of beauty, fashion and makeup! I'm so excited to join the blogging world, ive been blogging and writing for a while now but never really stuck to it as ive always been busy with other projects and it was never the right time, but I can finally say this is the right time and im ready to put 100% into my blog!

You can find me on: or @kissmakeupblog
I follow back! :)

If you ever want to contact me away from my blog and want to say hi you can always follow me on my personal account at @Cree_x, come and say Hi!

I hope you can join me on social media and enjoy my blog! xx

Please excuse my half cut off face :/