Monday, 15 July 2013

Mabelline 24Hour Color Tattoo- Review

I brought a few of these color tattoos a while ago and thought this would be the perfect review! I've always been a big fan of Maybelline, the ranges are always good and the quality of the products always suit me, so I thought id try the color tattoos.
When I first brought them, I wasn't totally sure what I could do with the product, but as I started playing around with them I realised they can be used in a few different ways. I used them simply while I was out and about for a subtle daytime look, but then also used them as a base for your shadows to make your eye look stand out! Great for a night out with the girls!

And FYI- when they say 'color tattoo' they REALLY do mean tattoo! After swatching the colours on my arm, it took me about 20 minutes to scrub it off! I doesn't fade or run as you apply it and literally stays on all day! They are very blendable and very easy to apply to the eye and super affordable at only £4.99!

I started off with 3 shades: (left to right)
  • Eternal gold 05
  • Pink gold-65
  • On and on bronze- 35


The products are all cream based and easy to apply. I prefer them to be cream based products and synthetic brushes would be best to use when applying at the bristles don't hold onto the product as well so we don't have to waste any product! Perfect! 

Swatching from top to bottom: Eternal gold, pink gold, on and on bronze.
I personally love this product and cant wait to stock up on some more and have a play around with all the different colours!


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  2. Thank you! yeah sure, ive just followed you! :) x

  3. These colours are gorgeous and they're such a good price too!
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

  4. They really are! Id definitely recommend them! xx

  5. I love Color Tattoos, use them nearly every day :D x

  6. Yeah I love them too! I'm definitely going to invest in some more! :) xx