Wednesday, 31 July 2013

25 facts about me

  Hi guys! I hope everyone's well! 

I was on on my to meet my friend the other day and I came across a billboard/ advert that said 'things about me' and it got me thinking that it would be kind of fun to do a 25 facts about me post! 
I'm not going to lie it actually took me quite a while to do this post cause I didn't really know what to write without sounding boring, so I hope you all enjoy!

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                        It's me! :)

25 facts about me:

1) I'm from Birmingham in the UK
2) I'm left handed
3) I've got 1 tattoo and 5 piercings 
4) I love working out and eating healthily 
5) my favourite animals are giraffes (I'm a little obsessed!)
6) I've been studying fashion since I was 14.
7) I want to become a makeup artist 
8) I'm moving to London to work in fashion/makeup
9) I've broken my leg with I was 6
10) I've never been abroad
11) blogging makes me extremely happy!
12) I'm constantly on my phone
13) I collect teddy bears (yes I'm a child)
14) I'm massive Disney film buff
15) I'm obsessed with friends and have to watch at least 1 episode a day
16) I'm massive football fan and support Liverpool FC
17) I've worked at London fashion week
18) I'm the biggest Michael Jackson fan ever!
19) I own at least 30 handbags
20) I've moved house 6 times
21) I'm a self taught makeup artist 
22) I adopted a dolphin when I was 10 and used to get photos sent to me
23) I have a slight obsession with the Kardashian family  
24) I have a pet cat who is 13 
25) I can't draw! 

I really loved doing this post, it was fun to just sit down and make this list! 
Hope you all enjoyed! 

I've been thinking about doing a giveaway when I get to 50 followers, let me know if it's something everyone's interested in! :) xoxo 

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